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Low mileage, immaculate classic cars urgently wanted for consignment or immediate purchase.

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Rolls Royce Motor Cars


Silver Cloud III : SOLD

Rolls Royce Ghost : SOLD

Rolls Royce 20/25 : 59,995

Silver Shadow II : SOLD

Rolls Royce Silver Dawn : SOLD

Silver Shadow II : 34,995

Silver Shadow : SOLD

Rolls Royce Silver Dawn : SOLD

Rolls Royce Silver Dawn : 29,995

Rolls Royce Flying Spur : SOLD

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit : 27,995

Silver Shadow II : SOLD

Silver Shadow II : SOLD

Silver Spur 3 : SOLD

Silver Spirit II : 19,995

Silver Shadow : SOLD

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit : SOLD

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit : SOLD

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit : 16,995

Silver Wraith II : 16,995

Number plate for sale : ROIlS 01  ( ROI 1501 ) : 9,995. On retention, available for immediate transfer.


Bentley Motor Cars


Continental GT : SOLD

Arnage 'R' Mulliner : 34,995

Arnage T : 32,995

Brooklands R Mulliner : 32,995

Brooklands R Mulliner : 29,995

Continental GT : 27,995

Arnage Red Label : 27,995

Bentley Mulsanne S : SOLD

Bentley Brooklands : 22,995

Bentley Brooklands : SOLD

Continental GT : 19,995

Arnage Red Label : 19,995

Bentley Turbo R : SOLD

Bentley Brooklands : 17,995

Bentley Mulsanne S : SOLD

Bentley Brooklands : 14,995

Bentley Eight : 14,995

Bentley Turbo : 10,995

Bentley Turbo R : 9,995

Bentley Eight : 7,995


Classic Cars


Ferrari F430 : 84,995

Jaguar E-Type : SOLD

Austin Healey 3000 BJ7 : SOLD

Jaguar XJ-SC V12 HE : 39,995

Jaguar XJ-S 6.0 Convertible : 29,995

Jaguar XJ6L : SOLD

Mercedes SL500 : 24,995

Mini Cooper S tribute : 19,995

Jaguar XJ-S 3.6 Manual : 19,995

Mercedes 560 SEL : 19,995

Lincoln Town Coupe : SOLD

Lincoln Continental : 16,995

Jaguar XJ6 3.0SE : 14,995

Lincoln Continental : 14,995

Mercedes 420SE : SOLD

Lincoln MK7 LSC : SOLD

Mercedes 300SE : SOLD

Jaguar XJ Executive : 9,995

Jaguar XJR : 7,995

Jaguar XJ 4.2 Auto : SOLD


Modern Cars


Range Rover Autobiography : 44,995

Mercedes SL500 : 32,995

Jaguar XKR Convertible : 31,995

Mercedes E400 Coupe : SOLD

Audi S5 Convertible : SOLD

Mercedes S350 LWB : SOLD

BMW 520i SE : SOLD

BMW Z4 M Sport : 14,495

Jaguar XF-S : 14,495

Jaguar XF : SOLD

Jaguar XF : SOLD

Audi TT : SOLD

Chrysler 300C : SOLD

Mercedes SLK200 Auto : SOLD

Citroen C4 VTR : SOLD

N.B. All our vehicles are stored indoors in a secure facility and it is not possible to view our cars when we are not there.

We travel extensively sourcing cars so all viewings must therefore be arranged by appointment, thank you.


Terms and Conditions, the unpleasant legal stuff !

Availability of Vehicles : All our vehicles are offered on a first come first served basis, vehicles are only withdrawn from sale upon receipt of a deposit. Making an appointment to view does NOT secure the car, if someone gets here before you or wishes to buy directly from the website we cannot refuse to take their order. We will accept 100 "reservation fee" over the telephone to hold the car for 7 days but please note this deposit is not refundable under any circumstances as we relinquish the opportunity to sell the car to someone else during the 7 day period. We will of course deduct this 100 when you purchase the vehicle.

Cherished Numbers : Many of our vehicles come to us with cherished numbers still displayed and it can take some time before we have confirmation of a replacement number from DVLA. Please note, this does NOT mean the cherished plate is included in the sale. Where a cherished number is displayed on any of our vehicles please always assume that the plate is NOT included with the sale.

Deposits : When you place an order and leave a deposit you are entering into a legally binding contract. The contract binds us to sell you the vehicle described at the price stated but it also binds you to buy the vehicle. If you fail to complete the transaction or cancel the order for any reason our company has a legal right to retain any deposit paid. In the interests of fair and reasonable business practice we will not normally withhold a large deposit, however we do incur costs in processing your payment ( bank charges, card processing fees ) and in putting the vehicle back on sale ( advertising fees ). For this reason we will retain the first 250 of any deposit paid PLUS the cost of any work we have carried out on the vehicle on your behalf. If any refund is due payment will be made by company cheque. Please be certain you want the car before placing your order and leaving a deposit !

Mileages : All our vehicles are driven on a regular basis to keep them operating correctly, the recorded mileage may therefore differ slightly from the mileage advertised or displayed in our photographs. If the mileage of any vehicle changes significantly during our tenure we will endeavour to update our advertisements, however you are advised to check the current mileage of any vehicle before placing your order.

Part Exchange : When we accept a motor vehicle in part exchange it must be delivered to us in the same condition as when we examined it, with the same accessories fitted and nothing removed. If anything is removed from the vehicle or if the vehicle sustains damage before it is delivered to us we reserve the right to reject the vehicle entirely or to reduce the allowance given by an amount appropriate to putting the vehicle back as it was at the time of our inspection.

Payment Methods : We will accept cash, bank transfer, debit cards or credit cards. For larger balances we prefer bank transfer or cash payments as Worldpay card processing charge us for card payments and on large balances these charges are significant. We cannot release any vehicle before payments have cleared with our bankers. Bank Transfers can take up to 48 hours to clear so please make payment in plenty of time prior to collection.

Photography : Our photographs are not edited or enhanced in any way, other than being reduced in size for use on the internet. All our photographs are a true and honest representation of our vehicles, to the best of our photographic ability.

Pricing Adjustments : If any of our vehicles develop a fault during our tenure we will have the fault rectified, we therefore reserve the right to adjust our pricing if necessary to cover the cost of any remedial work undertaken. We also track the Classic Car market very closely and often find the values of cars can increase during the period we own them, we therefore reserve the right to adjust our pricing in accordance with market trends.

Test Drives and Insurance : For insurance purposes all test drives must be accompanied by a staff member and cover a pre-determined route. Our insurers require photographic ID in the event of any incident so please bring your driving license and photocard with you if you think you will require a test drive. If you do not wish to drive the car yourself we are more than happy to "chauffeur" you over our test drive route.

Vehicle Descriptions Disclaimer, please note : Whilst every effort has been made to check the accuracy of the vehicle descriptions and specifications given in our advertisements, some errors in compiling the information may have occurred. You are therefore strongly advised to examine the vehicles and to check the accuracy of the information supplied before deciding to purchase a vehicle described above. We cannot be held responsible for any errors or discrepancies in vehicle descriptions or specifications which come to light after the time of sale. Your statutory rights as a consumer are not affected by this statement.

Warranty : We will not knowingly sell a car with any major defect unless it is clearly declared in on advertisements. All our vehicles are inspected and prepared by an independent specialist and taken to another independent garage for MOT test at the time of sale. We take every reasonable step to ensure no major defects exist at the time of sale but please consider the age of the vehicle and accept that on older vehicles faults may occur at any time. Classic Cars ( cars over ten years old ) by their very nature require continuous maintenance and repair and will not be as reliable as a modern vehicle, these vehicles are sold for ongoing restoration and repair and we cannot reasonably be expected to guarantee a vehicle of this age will continue to operate correctly. Modern cars ( cars under ten years old ) we will happily guarantee against major mechanical failure for 3 months or 3,000 miles from the date of sale, subject to the terms and conditions which are set out in the warranty documentation provided at time of sale.


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