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1979 Lincoln Town Coupe, 6400 miles only, outstanding in every way.

This is a superb low mileage example in truly remarkable condition throughout which would be a fabulous addition to any collection and provide tremendous enjoyment and real pride of ownership to any enthusiast.

The car has been owned by the most meticulous enthusiast and really must be seen to be fully appreciated, indeed we are confident that there is not another car in this condition and with such a low mileage.

This car requires no allowance to be made for it's 42 years of age, it presents quite literally "as new" and is just as clean underneath as it is on top, the shine on the paintwork is like glass and we really hope our photographs are good enough to convey this.

Supplied new to Marvin Alderks, proprietor of Marvin Alderks Tyre Company in Rochelle, Illinois, the Lincoln was a special occasion car from day one and spent most of it's time stored indoors under a car cover, Mr Alderks having a 1978 Lincoln which was his daily transport. The previous owner managed to trace a good friend of Mr Alderks who has given this information, the car apparently being sold in an estate auction in 2006 with just 4,000 miles recorded. The purchaser was a Michael Rittman of Las Vegas who retained the car until 2017 before it was imported to the UK with 4741 miles covered. The first UK owner was a Mr Levins from County Louth who apparently struggled with the size of the car on the narrow Irish lanes so didn't keep the car long, selling it on to a Mr Desmond Snell in July 2018. Sadly Mr Snell became very unwell and was forced to part with the car a year or so later.

The last owner, Mike Brown, spent 5 years searching for a full size American car to "scratch a life long itch". Mike is possibly the most meticulous enthusiast we have encountered - and we have encountered many ! He wanted a car which was "as new" and would not settle for anything less, at one point during his search Mike travelled to view a Lincoln that we had for sale, which was how we met him, and of course he eventually bought the car you see here.

During his tenure Mike has spent hundreds of hours getting this car absolutely perfect in every way, replacing every component that did not look, or function as new. Work carried out includes new master cylinder, air conditioning compressor, shock absorbers, full exhaust system, starter motor and solenoid, fuel tank, fuel filler neck, fuel sender, fuel pump and all fuel hoses, ignition module, battery and battery wiring terminals, PCV valve, hood insulation in addition to all service items, plugs, HT leads, distributor cap, rotor arm, all water hoses, oil system flush, oil filter, air filter, carburettor stripped and cleaned etc etc. The chassis and suspension components have been wire brushed and painted and all suspension linkages greased. Bear in mind a lot of these components were functioning properly but they did not look like new so Mike replaced them, meanwhile other components were removed, cleaned, polished and put back in place. In total, thousands of pounds were spent on parts and hundreds of hours were spent cleaning and polishing. Mike is a true perfectionist and derives a great deal of pleasure from detailing his cars, indeed the pleasure of ownership appears to come from cleaning, polishing and detailing rather than driving the car - he has driven the car only 3 times ! We would be pleased to buy any car which Mike has owned.

The car has now covered just 6,400 miles, although we will definitely be taking the car out on the odd sunny afternoon so this mileage will increase slightly. The car runs and drives faultlessly, just as you would expect with such low mileage and exceptional level of maintenance, the steering is finger tip light and effortless, the transmission changes are virtually imperceptible, the brakes are surprisingly powerful and pull the car up straight and true and the air conditioning is ice cold. This is a 1979 model year car and as such is fitted with the 6.6 litre, 400 cubic inch Cleveland V8 ( actually 402 cubic inches but Ford decided to call it a 400 ). This is the big brother to the legendary 351 Cleveland and provides 315lbft of torque for effortless cruising. It is an absolute joy to be behind the wheel, just sit back and relax and let the car do the work while you watch people stop and stare, they have never seen anything like this. We went out for lunch in the car yesterday and a small crowd of admirers immediately gathered ! The ride is superbly cosseting, progress impressively quiet with barely a murmur from the big V8 and negligible wind noise or tyre noise even at 70mph, absolutely fabulous.

Please note the car is 19.5 feet long and 7 feet wide so you will need a large garage to accommodate. This was the final year of production and the Town Coupe was the last of the full size American motor cars.

Specification of the period to include climate control air conditioning, electric seats, power windows - including electric quarter lights, central locking, cruise control, original radio and 8 track player working perfectly, electric aerial, aluminium alloy wheels which are unmarked and fitted with Michelin whitewall tyres all round.

Together with the vehicle we have the full complement of original keys, original owners manual and warranty card, American Certificate of Title, Michelin Tire warranty document, build certificates and parts invoices etc.

An outstanding motor car throughout and with staggeringly low mileage, there really cannot be another like this.

The car will be inspected and prepared by an independent specialist for your complete peace of mind and supplied with a new MOT with no advisory notices.

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Price : 21,995


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